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Est. 1790 A.D.

Find Out What Temple Lodge No.16 is All About

     Temple Lodge No.16 is not a place, nor is it merely a fraternity. Rather, it is a legacy handed down to us by those who have come before, stretching back to the founding of this nation and beyond. Contrary to what you may hear, we are not a secret society, only a society with secrets. We are brothers, father and sons, working men and learned men alike. We are upstanding members of our communities, cemented together by a common bond: Freemasonry.

     But what is Freemasonry? Simply put, we are a fraternity of like-minded men, brought together by our common belief in the brotherhood of all humanity, under the guidance of a power greater than ourselves, tasked with the stewardship of centuries of symbolism, history, and lore. Our craft encompasses many things, from the mystical to the mundane, and everything in-between. Each man's Masonic journey is his own, supported by his brethren. Find out what it can mean to you.

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